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English version of Chokladprovning med Anders

One episode per week, usually mondays. Rating chocolate from around the world. The only recurring chocolate show in the web

ChocolateTV epsiode 459

Episodes Posted on Mon, April 11, 2022 18:18

Tropical fruit puré with cacao, or dried tropical fruit bits with cacao, what is it and how does it actually taste in his mouth.
In yours we don’t have a clue. Try it out yourselves. 🙂
Points —>

ChocolateTV episode 448

Episodes Posted on Mon, January 17, 2022 20:24

Nice nose, plain palate. Nibs just get you crunch, not flavor..
Points to the right —>

ChocolateTV episode 439

Episodes Posted on Mon, June 07, 2021 22:51

Chocolate and ginger, is that really a good combo? Chili seems to agree with cacao, does ginger? Only one who tries will know.

Points to the right —>

ChocolateTV episode 428

Episodes Posted on Tue, March 09, 2021 22:28

62% cacao but yet it melts away quickly, is that the lemonoil, or the pepper, or the what?
stranger flavours, they seem to hover inside a cloud of rosé pepper that is not peppery.
Points to the right —>

ChocolateTV episode 421

Episodes Posted on Mon, January 18, 2021 17:34

Dark, subtle, red driven, tasty chocolate from Italian maker. Bagua beans seems to be the bomb!

Points to the right —>

ChocolateTV episode 418

Episodes Posted on Mon, December 28, 2020 21:16

Dark and bittre flavours with a nice feel.
Craneberry and cold overaexratcted red tea, huh!
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