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English version of Chokladprovning med Anders

One episode per week, usually mondays. Rating chocolate from around the world. The only recurring chocolate show in the web

ChocolateTV episode 471

Episodes Posted on Mon, November 14, 2022 19:15

Swedish brand made in Lithuania? Suger free but sweet as anything. Sea salt to counter the sweetness helps sporadically.
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ChocolateTV epsiode 393

Episodes Posted on Mon, March 16, 2020 19:02

Green&Black Sea Salt 60%
Sea salt is becoming extremely popular in chocolate. Why?
Well may it’s for harmonizing sweet and bitter flavours?
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ChocolateTV episode 380

Episodes Posted on Tue, October 22, 2019 19:23

Shall we discuss organic growing and climate responsability or just try milk chocolate with sea salt, or should I say sea salt with milk chocolate?
Come and join me.

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