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English version of Chokladprovning med Anders

One episode per week, usually mondays. Rating chocolate from around the world. The only recurring chocolate show in the web

ChocolateTV episode 407

Episodes Posted on Mon, October 05, 2020 22:41

Coffee galore from Georgia Ramon 70% cacao with 9% coffe beans. What can go wrong if you like coffee, which I don’t 😉

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ChocolateTV episode 396

Episodes Posted on Mon, April 20, 2020 21:04

For the coffee aficionado and chocolate lover you can actually mix all into one bar.
German artisan chocolatemakers GR at it again

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ChocolateTV episode 387

Episodes Posted on Mon, January 20, 2020 18:01

Well, chocolate with mushroom? OK. So will the chantrelles be nosticable and when? Nose?, Palate?
Georgia Ramon mixing it up again and this time, not bad at all 😉

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