ChocolateTV episode 482

Very different in every aspect. Vegan, Organic, transported without fossil fuel, only cacao beans and unrefined sugar. What can one say about it? Pure in its essence, right?
Would you like this? I don’t know, but I do.
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ChocolateTV episode 481

All kinds of ingredients in this chocolate frame. More like a cake than a chocolate bar. Tangerine jelly?, Matcha Tea?, Coconut nougat?, is there any sort of connection here? Try yourself, do you find it?

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ChocolateTV episode 478

Usually Valrhona delivers balanced chocolate, even with added flavours, but this is just crunchy sugar. The chocolate is owerpowerd by the sugar shell coating of the pecan nuts.
Not my pleasing to my palate at the moment. Some added salt might have done the trick.
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