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English version of Chokladprovning med Anders

One episode per week, usually mondays. Rating chocolate from around the world. The only recurring chocolate show in the web

ChocolateTV episode 400

Episodes Posted on Mon, August 10, 2020 21:42

Valrhona Lait Caramel. A tad sweet and really no chocolate flavour. That usually happen when going milkchocolate and andd stuff.

Goodio Wild Blueberry 61% Dry wild foresty smell and flavour. Thought i would be more acidic if is wild blueberry, actually called billberries.

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ChocolateTV episode 382

Episodes Posted on Mon, November 18, 2019 21:08

A dark brooding chocolate enhanced with black pepper but no strawberry despite it being there.
Scottish artisan maker Chocolate Tree hits and misses with this one.

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