5 thoughts on “Wine show to all Vayniacs”

  1. Wow, Anders phenominal video. Having done the chocolate videos has really honed your skills. Forgetting Randall in the initial shoutouts should not necessarily make him the BEST however 😉 I really am super impressed.

  2. Thank you peeps. let’s share some wine someday. And chocolate 🙂
    Finnish huh, yx, kax kolm , nelje, perkele, kitos…

  3. Yeah!!! Excellent wine reviews!!! Thanks so much, Anders. Loved meeting you and your lovely gal, too! I want wine #1. 🙂

  4. Who’s the King now? Good tribute Anders and thanks for the shout out! Merloww rocks!
    You should read some of your translated Finnish? on facebook.

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