ChocolateTV episode 1 (29)


First ever episode of ChocolateTV in english. Episode 29 i reality if you kan understand swedish. Will try to to a show every week in english and swedish.

This tasting we try one american and one french chocolate. Both 70%. Score can be found under Points in the menu to the right —>

6 thoughts on “ChocolateTV episode 1 (29)”

  1. yep, doing two epsiodes every monday. 90% of the time it is different chocolates. so I try a lot of chocolate 🙂 and that also means that i don’t have to reconsider any scores. But I have changed scores when trying achocolate again months later, but I think I have tried the same chocolate 4 or 5 times max. 103 shows in swedsih and 72 in english makes a good number chocolates.
    Yes, its a neurological fact that our brain cannot keep both nostrils at 100% all the time.

  2. 1st Episode! (In english at least)
    Are you still doing episodes in both languages? And if so, are you reviewing the same chocolates twice or doing different ones? And if you are doing the same ones have you ever decided to change your scores after trying the chocolate again, or do you just decide to keep the points the same?

    Is that true how your brain only picks up the smell from one nostril at a time. I’ve never heard that before?

  3. Your english is quite fine, just keep on growing. I probably know who you are parodying…… 🙂
    The first episode, is always exciting!
    Interesting stuff i must say, i’m not in any way a chocolate expert, but i do like quality articles in life and i would assume that the chocolate world is just as big as the wine world. Good show, solid show. You’re very focused. Just keep on doing what you love. “I’ll be back..” ALLAN.

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